Diamond in the Rough is a captivating story about Taylor Green, an attorney who has worked tirelessly to earn everything he has, including his reputation. Married with four children, Taylor is a partner in a thriving practice, as well as a legendary little league coach in a typically American small town. His talent and love for the game is an inspiration to many, but none more than his 12-year-old son Skip.

When a drastic turn of events devastates his life, an embittered Taylor recluses into anger and self-pity, abandoning his profession and everything else he’d lived for. As a result the whole family suffers, most notably his wife Paula, who deeply loves him despite their bumpy marital past, and Skip, who takes his father’s withdrawal personally.

Though others valiantly attempt to encourage Taylor back into a normal life, it’s his innate love for baseball and a unique relationship that develops from an unlikely source that pulls the sidelined veteran out of his shell to experience what true compassion is all about.

In a journey that takes us beyond being spectators and into the very fabric of life, W. “Scott” Schneider portrays the wonderful unfolding of one man’s realistic path to salvation that challenges both those who don’t believe in God, and those who do.


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